Friday, October 28, 2011

Hello Tennessee.....

riding into Boone with the MaleChild..
it hit me...

"That's Tennessee over there..!"

Sometimes i'm a little slow..

Life is Good

(except it's raining and snow will start this afternoon...)


  1. it was a cold 37 degrees here this morning but no snow is in the forecast yet. Many did get frost in our area as it cleared out last night. Today the sun is up and hopefully will warm us up a bit. Enjoy your Friday!

  2. When it is clear you get the feelings up there, that you can see forever and ever and ever!!!

    It is hard to take but I slept 'til 9:45 this morning and it is 77 and nice and overcast. No bad words in the forecast!

  3. If I EVER sell my Texas house I plan to move to Tennessee. Next time you're out, be sure to look closely - - you might see me there!

  4. We had a chilly day with rain in our part of NC too. Wish ours would turn to snow....I know, I know, too soon. But a girl can wish can't she...ha. Hope you have a great weekend, Sheila