Sunday, October 2, 2011


as i was flying around town
I got to thinking of things i uset'a find important or couldn't live with out... my life has changed in the last 5 years...
Here's a few of the high lights..

I uset'a wear name brands clothes and keep up with the latest styles..
Now it's jeans...t-shirt.... bought at Wally World..... they fit better
and last longer.

I uset'a run to the grocery store once a week - grab what i thought we would need and rush home. Now we study the adds....usually hit two or more stores plus the produce stand.
Love the produce stand.....fresh veggies that the owners know where the veggies are from...'cause they've picked them up at the farms...
And i can get "cull" ( odd size/looking) bell peppers......2 for a $1.00

I uset'a get excited if something i actually needed was on sale....Now i get excited if it's on sale and i have a coupon that the store will double...

I uset'a have a drawer full of "beauty" products. Now it's blow-n-go with the hair and chapstick.

I uset'a drive a teal green/blue Ford T-Bird. Now it's a black Ford pick-um up truck with 4-wheel drive and i love to see the leaves fly around when i speed down mountain roads...

I uset'a fuss and moan when the temps got below 70 degrees 'cause i'd need a sweater or jacket. Now i run out in the pj's trying to take a picture of the first snow flake of the year...or the first red leaf...first spring blossom along side the driveway or the first tomato in the container garden...

I uset'a get all upset if some sorta critter made it's way into the yard...causing the dogs to carry-on. Now we put out them "our" herd and sit on the front porch watching for them....

And i found myself buying a healthy protein bar at the cash register....
In the old "Uset'a" days ..... i would have bought a Milky Way..!!

Life is Good


  1. I know my thinking and attitude toward a lot of things have changed to over the years. I still prefer a candy bar over something healthier though. There are some things that may never change. Hope your Sunday is a wonderful one.

  2. Oh yes. I'm retired and know what you mean about clothes and makeup.
    Great post!

  3. I have been a stay at home mom most of my life, but now this time in my life, I sit in home office for hubby's small repair business and talk to customers in my jammies...If I don't have to get dressed, I enjoy the comfort of jammies...Makes me happy and carefree...
    Isn't it funny how things change the older we get?
    Have a great Sunday....

  4. Are you happier now? Bet you are.

  5. WOW, what a great entry. Loved it all except I would still love to see the T-Bird! (LOL).

    You are able to express the things others SHOULD take the time to think of. I find myself smiling when I see senior folk still trying to compete with the 21 yr old in name brands. I think of the old song that has the line, "When will they ever learn, when they ever learn!"

    Yep, one of the best posts!

    Love from the North end of the Turnpike. (Cool down here today! but we ain't fussing!)

  6. I have changed over the years I have a closet full of dress clothes that's almost new that I don't ever wear. I might need them for a funeral I say. Most people don't dress up for funerals anymore. In the summer I wear shorts and a tee or blouse around home. Not a dress upper anymore I go for comfort. Take care, Jean

  7. Oh my, I have those same changes and can add formerly wearing heels and now am addicted to sneakers.
    Comfort is a wonderful state of being.

  8. Hi there, Loved this post because I can so relate-except that I'd probably still buy a candy bar.
    I well remember when I would have spent ooddles on clothes because I was working, now it is once a year at best and because there is a killer sale. I used to think I couldn't do without a newer car; mine is now 11 yrs old and I don't have the money for a newer car.
    Life changes doesn't it, it humbles us especially when we are struggling due to the economy and not sure how we'll pull through.
    Glad you've found a simpler life.
    Hugs today. Noreen

  9. Really good entry. Isn't is so much nicer to be relaxed and not havta?

  10. Love that header picture and the other one also. Helen

  11. I love cornbread and anything from Krusteaz is good. I will have to try it.

  12. Great post!! It's fun to get to the stage when you honestly feel that you can do whatever makes you happy and not be trying to impress folks!