Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Last Hurrah....

That's what the local weather gurus are calling todays snow storm..
this is what it looks like outside my front door this AM..
you can't see's snowing like crazy....
little tiny flakes...with wind gust up to 50 mph...
I didn't take more than 3 steps out the door...
'cause with the wind chill it's about 11.5* out there....
this front is moving fast and is suppose to outta here by noon..
i'm planning on heading into work when it clears a little...

the sun just made an appearance..
wonder how long it will stay..?

ps.....i got the worker hired with only one problem...that i caught before i submitted the paperwork...

pps....i didn't touch up these pictures...that's the color out there...and the sun just left  :(

Everyday is a gift


  1. You will get tired of me always beautiful, but to me it is.

  2. Very pretty pictures. Glad you got your worker hired. Keep warm.

  3. It is beautiful! I would love to be there seeing it come down!

  4. It would be great if that was the last snow of the season. I'm glad all went well yesterday for you and hope that you have a wonderful Wednesday

  5. Yes every day is a gift. We had a cold night here last night. Hate to complain knowing how hot it is going to get this summer.

  6. I live in Portland, OR where we've had no snow this winter.I love looking at snow from inside.

  7. Alls well that ends well. Good to catch the problems before they are REAL problems.
    I HOPE that is the last HURRAH, because we head that way in three weeks.

    (HUGS) from here. (The pictures are neat anyway!!!)