Monday, March 11, 2013

One Jelly Roll....

The goal was to see how many project i could get out of one jelly roll.....

one baby quilt size wall hanging/quilt made from Bonnie Hunters "Scrappy Trips Around the World" pattern..
One 22" x22" wall hanging for the little quilt rack in the hall...
One coffee carpet...

Not Bad..!!
plus i used up some up that stash that's driving me crazy in the sewing room... kept me busy...

Don't you think today should be a holiday..?
For those of us that are Daylight Saving Time challenged...


  1. It would be nice to have a Spring Forward holiday. It always messes up our sleep times. I've slept in the past 2 mornings with the change. Course I don't have to go off to work anymore. You really have a talent for using up your scraps. All 3 things are so nice. It's raining here today. Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

  2. I second the idea of a Spring Forward Holiday. I am generally messed up for an entire week after the change. Your projects look great. Good use of the scraps.

  3. Great looking creations...someone is very talented at their house!!!

  4. I think you are onto a great idea, IN HONOR OF DAYLIGHT SAVINGS. Yeah that would make a good holiday!!!
    Neat looking stuff. I like the 'coffee blanket' idea.
    NOW WAKE UP, I can say that, I slept in until nearly 10!(smile)

  5. Beautiful creations!! We are in Arizona, no DLS time here. But when we go back home, we'll be fighting a two hour difference, UGGGG

  6. HI there, What wonderful quilts/wall hangings you've created. I also think that the first couple of weeks after springing forward should include nap time for those of us who are so impacted.
    Hope you have a great evening; thanks for sharing.