Friday, March 8, 2013

In the words of Jackie Gleason....

"to the damn the Moon!"

Misskitty has developed this bad habit of using my left leg as a scratching post while i'm sitting at the computer writing blog post....ugh!!!

Just as i have a great thought and i'm trying to get it typed on the screen....

Whap.... ! .....the claws latch on to my leg.....i scream.....she runs and laughs....!!
It happens everytime.....unless she's napping...
but....i think she's got some kind'a Cat Radar that tells her when i'm sitting down.....

I can't complain to much....after all this is the only time she pays attention to me...
She's a "daddy's cat"....she gets him up with a "love tap" to the face at 4:30 am for food....hehehehehe!!

Everyday is a Gift


  1. Ouch! I really thought Miss Kitty had better manners than that. Hopefully that is something she's going to get over very quickly. Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

  2. At least she doesn't wake you at 4:30 and scratch you then! Mine has a 5:30 am time and she wants to either lick or kiss my face.

  3. Probably a good trade, a scratch for a couple hours sleep!!!!
    But Miss Kitty is such a sweet thing, and diligent! LOL

  4. The scratching I could live without but an early morning tap on the cheek I would welcome. We are catless at the moment and I hate it.

  5. That's a great photo - I love it!

    Every time I'm at the computer my cat comes in, jumps up on my chair, and literally tries to push me out of it. She does this constantly - - unless I close the door and don't let her in the room.

    To the moon, indeed.......

  6. Kitty's can be so c-r-a-z-y! Those claws...ouchie!

    You need some Sophie surveillance that's what I think! She'd warn you..pronto when MissKitty was targeting you leg.