Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Let me state for the record..
I dislike shopping..!!
Today is the day...
today we're going shopping for a new bed in the guest room
for the front windows...
For years i've put off installing blinds and/or curtains on the great room windows
they ruin the beautiful view of the valley and mountains...
even i have grown tried of the morning sun fading out the TV picture to the point of shadow vision.
Wish me luck..!
Everyday is a Gift


  1. I will join you in saying, "I hate shopping too!" Hope it is a success and over quickly.

  2. In my trivia for today, I found out that it is Department Store Day. A good day to go shopping for sure. I know I hate to cover up the windows too, but sometimes that sunshine can be a little overwhelming. We don't want to have to wear our sunglasses in the house. Have fun and enjoy your shopping!

  3. Good luck with your shopping! It is not on my list of favorite things to do.

  4. Love the peak above the clouds picture, neat shot.

    Now I am disappointed, I cannot believe you hate to shop, me thinks it is the spending the money!

    I remember building our first house and finding out the cost had just started when I finished, when she said Window treatments! I sid how bad can that be, $10 a window? LOL

    Good luck.....

    ((HUGS)) from Florida!!!

  5. I love shopping, I can shop all day and not even buy anything and have a wonderful time! When I do find something I just have to have it is very exciting!

  6. Furniture shopping should be way more fun than grocery shopping.

  7. Hope you find exactly what you want and fast. Oh I would hate to cover up that view.