Friday, March 1, 2013

Tooth Fairy...?

Yesterday....during our daily morning snow storm...
CityBoy and i loaded up the canine fur babies and took them to the Vet for a teeth cleaning....
Now i must admit that i have been very slow with getting on board with yearly cleanings for the animals..
We've had dental problems thought it was necessary
Max & Mia did not...

Mia came home with bright shinny choppers and sweet smelling breath...
Max came home minus two of his molars...they were nasty...
the big question last night was...
"Does the Tooth Fairy come visit Max?"
and if she does what does she bring...
Bight silver stuff that would jingle in his pocket?
Green folding stuff that he could save for a rainy day?
His favorite doggie treats...?

Here's a picture i copied from Goggle of a Doggie Tooth Fairy

He settled for some extra TLC and a pain pill...

Everyday is a Gift


  1. I was hoping the Doggy tooth Fairy would bring him some nice health treats. But extra love and attention and a pain pill were, I'm sure, greatly appreciated. Have a great weekend.

  2. Now that is something I have never thought of, a doggie tooth fairy!

    I bet me 'n Max can't believe you done this! It willtake a lot of TLC to fix this one!!! LOL
    (((HUGS))) all round!!

  3. Soft doggie treats would be in order!!!

  4. Sorry that Max didn't have such a good visit at all but I know he must have appreciated the TLC and the pain meds. Hope he is feeling much better and that you have a fantastic Friday!

  5. What breed is the dog in the front?

  6. Aww you are such good parents to your pets.

  7. My little dog Mickey just had his teeth done too. It actually cost more than my own dentist!