Friday, January 3, 2014


Now that's cold for this part of the high country...
It was a good day to take a vacation day..
The furr babies and i ventured out on the front porch about 8am...
and found a beautiful sun shinning on the snow...
temp had only risen to 15*
"Hey Mom..!!
White stuff on this side of the cabin too..."
Thanks for the report Max..
tootsies are cold.....tootsies are cold....
Let's go in and back to bed..."
Sounds like a good idea Mia...
just let me warm up Lula's snuggie and put it back in her dog house...
Enjoy your day....whatever the conditions..

..Hope is Forever..


  1. Yep, Gracie Mae wandered back to her bed after her first visit with snow. She wasn't sure about the white stuff, lol, and totally unsure about the wind blowing cold air all around..! Good day to stay indoors and warm!

  2. That is also EARLY for any part of the world. LOL
    Always get a kick out of what the 'kids' say.
    Love from Florida 67 here and that is cool for Disney World. (smile)

  3. Black Ice is no fun, but I could handle that 13 degrees above zero! :)

  4. 28 this morning at my house in N. Fl
    that is very cold for us!

  5. Brrrrrrrrrrr, love the white stuff!! Wish we had some!!

  6. We were surprised with a bit of snow this morning, and were actually four degrees warmer than you were. The sun is shining brightly, though, and the snow will probably evaporate before the day is over. It is the cold that is coming on Monday that is probably going to set a new record low!

  7. We've been the same dangerously close to zero degrees...The sun is out but it has no warmth! I've been in thanks to my youngest who has taken care of the shoveling, but he left for home today. Now it's all on me. Keep warm!

  8. We had the exact temp but none of the pretty stuff. Just sticks and beige grass here. Enjoy your view.