Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I Finally Found It....

For the last two years I've ended each daily blog with a small phrase that has meaning to me and hopefully to some of you...

I've used...
Life is Good
Everyday is a Gift..
both have many meanings in their own way...

For this year I've been searching for weeks....for just the right phrase... something that would describe the times we are living in and give us reason for looking to the future...

Well.....I finally found it last Friday while reading a book about death...and the struggle of picking up and moving forward to a new and different day...

Happy New Year Bloggerville
and here's my phrase for 2014

Hope is Forever..


  1. I love your new phrase! Happy New Year!

  2. Good quote to begin the New Year!

  3. Love your new quote...Have a wonderful New Year

  4. I'm really liking your new phrase! Sending you the best for 2014!

  5. I think haveing the phrase there is neat. I READ it EVERY time I visit. I will love this one, you done well in picking....

  6. I am adding "Hope is Forever" to my vocabulary. "Everyday is a Gift" has all ready been adopted.

  7. All the best for 2014.

  8. That is a wonderful phrase for the New Year. Hope is truly a forever thing..Happy New Year!

  9. Love your quotes, and keep them coming! :-)