Monday, January 27, 2014


..when i found this picture on Facebook yesterday..
I just had to post it....!!!

This is for all my friends that are still living in Florida and check in with me on a regular basis for updates on our cold, snow and ice...
Then tell me how "warm" it is down there....


It'll be gone by this afternoon so don't take it so hard...

Hey....Capt. Jack was this anywhere near you...?

..Hope is Forever..


  1. You know it's a bad winter when the folks in Florida get snow. We have lots of it here this morning. Getting colder too. Hope you have a good start to the week and Happy Monday!

  2. Great picture. Snowed here yesterday. Now it is just darn cold. Happy Monday!

  3. We just have cold, but the radio people are saying temps to drop and flakes this evening. Getting very old!

  4. When I lived in the Pensacola, Fl. area we had an inch of snow...Very strange looking at the steam coming off the water in the pool with the snow all around it....And the year before that we had an ice storm that froze our plants...BRR!!!!
    The picture of the Welcome sign is a hoot, though....
    Stay warm tomorrow as it is supposed to be COLD... The Outer Banks is supposed to have snow by Wed. Imagine that!
    Love from High Point

  5. NO! NO WHERE HEAR (I hope). We ahve a good day today, BUT they say that one more time of cold is around the corner. THEN I PREDICT, SPRING AND FLORIDA WEATHER!
    Take care up inthe hills.

  6. LOL Boomer, know what you mean. My brother and sister live in FL and I get the same phone call at least once a year. Crazy weather. We felt the temps cooling last evening here in Southern, MD. It sure is one cold winter for some reason.