Thursday, January 2, 2014

Winter..... coming our way...

Snow should start tonight...after a few hours of rain...
can you say..."black ice tomorrow"...

Lucky for me i had planned to take a vacation day this week...
was gonna take is calling, so i'll take tomorrow...

Snow will not be too's the temps...low teens at night and below zero sometime before Sunday rolls around..
Burrrrrrr.....Where's my mittens...heavy coat...hat...scarf...?
Maybe I'll just stay in...

...Hope is Forever...


  1. It's a big one, we have had snowfall
    since New Years Eve. It is pretty.
    Now we are getting the wind but I like it when I am warm and cozy in my house. Luckily I don't go back to work until Monday.
    You live in such a beautiful spot the snow will be breathtaking.

  2. Stay warm and safe. It has been snowing here since early New Years Day. Temps never get above 12 degrees during the day and single digits at night. We had about 4 inches of new snow yesterday with another 4 inches predated for today.

  3. It's heading our way too. Stay safe and warm.

  4. That is my North Carolina. Say snow and the stores sell out of bread and Milk. Funny, we had/have the mentality it is a Blizzard of epic proportions and will last for months.

    Love it....... Stores love it... Kids LOOOVE it. But watch the slick stuff..

  5. We may see a flurry or two later this afternoon, then much colder temperatures, too. We have heard of black ice in Sevier County this morning, toward Gatlinburg, probably.
    Take care, and stay safe and warm!

  6. Stay warm, stay dry, safe home and stay safe! Hey nothing gets your blood pumping like a big winter storm!

    Hey, thanks for the follow!!! :)

  7. It looks a bit scary up your way. We are expecting REALLY cold temps but little snow.
    Stay warm and safe.

  8. My husband left for work this morning and said the roads were not too bad as long as you drive reasonably. He said a person passed him doing about 50 and when he caught up with him, the guy had managed to fly into a guard rail. People had stopped to assist, so he kept going. Then he passed another vehicle that had hit a snow plow. I think I'm taking advantage of the non-scheduled leave and staying home!