Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Max here.....

It's me with today's FrontPorch-O-Meter....
We slept late today and the front porch temp is up to 11* already
and the gurus on the talking machine are saying 4* for tonight....
Ahhhh.....can you say.."Cold!"

Mommy is home today.....she says the wood smoke and cold dry air is making her asthma act up,
she's wheezing like we can't see the driveway for all that fluffy white stuff...
Time to join Mommy and Mia back in bed..
Hope that cat doesn't try to nap with us.....ughhhhh!

..Hope is Forever..


  1. We've been in the deep freeze two days now but the good news is we'll warm up to 12 today and by the weekend in the 30's. More snow is to come our way too maybe tomorrow. Take care and stay warm. Hope your mama is feeling better soon and thanks for the update Max!

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  3. Aha, back to bed Max, there is HOPE fur ya!!!

    Good to see you up at least for a report from the mountains.
    Hope mama gets to feeling better...

  4. So sorry your mom's asthma is acting up! I think bed is the perfect place for you. Hunter loves to sleep in during the winter.
    Hugs, Noreen

  5. So sorry your mama's asthma is misbehaving, not fun. The other night went out to my car and my windshield washer fluid was not working, so I made the mistake of taking a bottle of water and throwing it across the windshield. Had to sit out there in sub-temps waiting for it to defrost...ugh, won't make that mistake again, lol!