Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snowed In....

At least 10" and in some areas 12+....
Driveway is a mess...my truck is snowed in the garage...CityBoy went to work early Friday morning before dawn and was stuck down the mountain for three days...
Luckily he found a hotel room and was able to get to work for the next few days, while others were snowed in...now he can't get his car back up the driveway.
We never lost power....So....The dogs, Kitty and I were snug and warm..
Today CityBoy is gonna help me walk down the driveway and then get to work.
Warmer temps and rain today....driveway maybe be a sheet of ice tomorrow...better get all that work done today....
My prayers are with those north of us...!

..Change, it's good for you..


  1. I think we got a little over a foot here but then it drifted in places. Yesterday it seemed to melt from the ground up somehow. We are stuck at the bottom of the hollow but left a car at the main road so were able to walk to the car. I am ready for spring, winter can be over now.

  2. Wow, that really sounds like a mess. Glad everyone is okay and you didn't lose power. Just be careful when you do go out. I am so ready for Spring.


  3. OH HO!!!! Fun in the NC mountains. But it is beautiful. Glad you guys finally got back together.... I don't like forced separations.
    Hope it goes soon, the snow that is!

  4. Glad you all were safe and warm. Take care on the driveway!

  5. Stay warm! My family back in MD. and PA. really got hit hard by the blizzard, they are still digging out and now they are calling for more this weekend. It's pretty to look at, but not drive in or shovel, lol. Take care.


  6. Sounds wonderful being snowed in & warm with those fur babies. Glad CityBoy was able to find a hotel!! Stay safe and warm!!

  7. Hopefully some of your snow will melt! :)

  8. Snow is beautiful - if you don't have to go out in it. We at at least 12 inches, but I think it was more like 15.
    Fortunately, I'm more prepared now than I was last winter.

    1. I mean to say "we got...."
      sorry for the typo

  9. Today's rain - and temps in the upper-forties - have worked to bring about a "disappearing act" for the snow we had here. I hope City Boy will be able to get up the driveway!

  10. O no fun at all , but glad you and Cityboy are both safe ! Hoping it melts soon . ~ Angela

  11. We received 13 inches here in central Kentucky. Quite a mess! I feel your pain!