Saturday, December 27, 2008

Back to the Norm??

Hope everyone had a great holiday........ours was very quite.......just a few friends and family........wish it had been a white Christmas......temp was in the mid-60's......had to open the windows while the bird was in the oven....City Boy was walking around in shorts and complaining .....this is why we left Florida!!!! Then he opened his new laptop and i've only seen him for meals since...........Here's Max getting a taste of the stuffed mailman from Grandma........

Here's Mia giving me that "Crazy Max....can you believe he's chewing up his mailman?" look....... What she doesn't tell you is ....her's has already been destuffed, chewed up and thrown away......
And I've spent the last few days........canning tomatoes and making more least City Boy is not bringing home more eggs...............


  1. Glad you had such a good Christmas the weather always gets it wrong.When you want some snow you get mild and vice versa. Love Joan.

  2. Do you have fresh tomotoes to can this time of year??? Unheard of here in the north for sure. Glad you had a good Christmas. 'On Ya'-ma

  3. A Laptop?!?? Now there's no more complaining about having to go downstairs to get on the computer!

  4. Your canning sounds sooo good. This weather is weird for sure....we actually turned the air on for a while last night. I have the door opened now... LOL Love the photos.

  5. There's nothing like a new laptop !!! No folders or icons junking it up ! :)
    It was in the 60's on Christmas Day here also. And then it rained.

  6. It was pleasant here on Christmas day also. The sun was actually out a little bit! I know its not supposed to be this warm, but I dont care, I love it! You left Florida? We want to retire to Florida in twenty years! LOL! I hate being cold. Tip got her stuffed pheasant...hasnt destuffed it yet, but she likes to take her time and tenderize her toys for a while before destuffing. We have a duck and a squirrel that has been destuffed, but she makes a small hole and pulls it all out, so it is still a good toy, just flatter than before. ;) Glad y'all had a good Christmas. Hugs, Kelly