Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Things have been very quiet around the "ole mountain cabin" for the last few know the period of time when the Christmas crazies are over and you haven't really got into the new year spirit yet......your thinking of that new years resolution(s).....your taking down the remains of the last holiday......maybe your looking for all those receipts that you'll need for the IRS.....your pondering what you did and what you didn't do in 2008......and your fighting the fear of the unknown in 2009.....i'm trying very hard to count the blessing that 2008 brought to our family

My parent moving to the mountains

Their house being built up the road from us

Our son moving to the mountains and his return to school

Our daughters & SIL's move to GA .... the continued success of their the health and happiness of the boys

My new job with the park service

The view from our front porch

The good friends from FL that have stayed in touch and the new NC friends

But, mostly i'm amazed at the little everyday blessings that God keeps working in my life and yes, Lord i'm listening to that little nagging voice in my goal for 2009 is to find a home church...

Like Mia in the picture...i've just been looking out the 2009 i'm going to open the door and get out this area .....that seems to be the buckle in the Bible belt.....i know i'll find a place in which to count my blessings..

Happy New Year..................................brboomer



  1. Did you have to mention the IRS ??
    Have a Happy New Year !!!
    Jen :)

  2. Hoping the New Year treats you well. Take care and may GOD continue blessing you and yours,

  3. You really did have some nice blessings this past year. I wish you a very Happy New Year.
    'On Ya'-ma

  4. Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year ~ may you get everything you wish for yourself in 2009 ~ Ally x

  5. Sounds like a very blessed year. Wishing you continued blessings in the New Year!!! Be safe!

  6. Not first today, have a Happy New Year. Love Joan.

  7. have a safe and happy new year!!


  8. May your New Year have more blessing than possible!!! God Bless...hugs...Ora in KY

  9. Hello, my first time visiting
    your blog. I love to visit the
    mountains of N.C. They are so
    beautiful and majestic. I hope
    you find that home church soon.
    I wish you a very happy 2009!