Tuesday, December 16, 2008

One Moment In Time

I don't know how things are at your homes ....but, the pre-holiday insanity has hit here with a big bang!! Everyday seems to bring another problem......another trip to town.......another gift to buy......another card to send......another cake/dozen cookies to bake......I know this is all part of what we call the "Holiday Season" and i'm not complaining......just some times it gets to be a bit.....much?
Sunday morning there was one moment in time that made me realize that there are bigger problems and bigger insanity than what's going on in my house......

These are vapor trails left by the jet jockeys from Norfolk Naval Base........they love to play Tic-Tac-Toe in the skys over my mountains........but, what they are really doing .....are training missions......it seems my mountains resemble the terrain in Afghanistan.......who knew!!??
Thanks to the men and women in the Armed Forces who send Sunday morning training to keep our country safe.....so that i can have my pre-holiday insanity......


  1. I just became a SAHM mom and we were able to tell people this year, no gifts. It's been VERY nice not running to the store for every little thing. I don't miss anything about it.

    Thank you for sharing and thank you for following my blog.

  2. it must be fun to watch those tic-tac-toe 'boards' being made by vapor trails! it surely is a busy time of year; we're scaling back this year but still finding lots to do to keep busy; its all good though, right?

    take care


  3. I know it is my age...but I have simply stepped back...doing just that which entertains me...others will just have to adjust best they can...this is the season for Him who loves us so is born..that is why we celebrate...the other stuff is nice and fun..most of the time..but tends to get in the way our our vision of "the reason for the season"!!! Merry Christmas and God Bless....hugs...Ora

  4. Those awesome tic-tac-toe lines are part of my daily sky. I am only a bridge away from the Norfolk Naval Base. A few miles from Langley with the jets coming and going all day. The army on the other end of my city. I am surrounded by action in the sky. In fact during the 9/11 no fly days. It was kind of eery around here. We are so used to all the noise and then there was silence. Actually glad to hear and see them. I know I am being protected.

  5. I have been missing reading you! I am back now from my hiatus. I tell you what, every year I seem to downsize my Christmas fuss. Around here, the adults don't buy gifts. Send a card, thats good enough. We have Christmas dinner here but everyone brings a dish or two so it makes it easier. I have noticed it is a week before Christmas and last night when I was at Walmart there was no rush of people like their usually is, you know, where everyone is grabbing and rushing. Things were...just same old same old. Things are stocked on all the shelves, plenty of DVD Players to Hams. I don't think anyone really has the money to buy anything this year. Everyone is tapped out from the high gas prices we endured, the loss of jobs, cut backs, high food prices. It has really taken its toll. Nice to see you this morning. I got to take a look at that doggie of yours now. You ought to be sure and show Helen over on My Everyday Life, she loves this breed and has two herself :) Hugs, Kelly