Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Win.......I Think!!

This seems to be the year of "scaling back"......we decided to lessen the Christmas crazies this year and just enjoy family, good food and friends!!! Christmas is not about who gets the most, it's about God's gift to us......
Anyway.....after last years disaster with a new house and a new cat........a cat that waged war with me about the Christmas Tree.....she loved to knock off the ornaments and try to climb to the top for that fake "Dove of Peace" resting up there......and i kept pulling her out of the tree and re-decorating....only to have her try again......and again......and again......
This year i'm trying a new twist to the "Miss Kitty vs Me" Xmas tree war.....two......count'm two trees.....she doesn't know quite what to do...Hee,Hee....Ha,Ha.....I think i may have won the battle this year!!!!

Does that face look like it's plotting a sneak attach???!!!


  1. We thought we won the battle too! But our feline decided now that the tree skirt is his favorite resting spot . Our little tree is also on top of our old sewing machine table.

    Merry Christmas

  2. It looks like kitty is plotting something very sneaky. I have a VERY old Singer that my great grandma, grandma, mother and I made lots and lots of garments on. It has been retired for many years now.

  3. The cat looks pretty sneaky to me. My cats keep pulling ornaments off... Love the old sewing machine..

  4. we officially have five cats with indoor access and I just thought that no way would I ever win a christmas tree war with them. lol. I have one cat that likes to take the ornaments off the tree and carry them around the house in his mouth like a bird, then hide them. no tree this year for us. but I do plan to string lights everywhere inside.

  5. Definately planning something I think watch out. Love Joan

  6. she looks cute and she does look like she's plotting something; I've read in other people's journals the struggles they have had with cats/trees; this is one time I'm glad Koda has short legs and we got a small tree that goes up on a table

    Merry Christmas!


  7. You know how I feel about cats, the tree thing would not be a problem in this house! Plus, I've got baby chicks to deal with.