Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Love This Dog!! - Part II

OK....OK..... I finally gave in to the pitiful looks from the mountain Diva.....Mia May....she's my Jack Russell Terrier.....and is a little camera shy...but, allowed a few pictures so that she could get equal internet time........a little sibling rivalry with Max.....ya think!?
This is Mia looking pitiful...... can you tell she's got us wrapped around her paw?

Gott'a keep that Florida tan....even when it's 23 degrees outside.......outside not her!!

Now she's trying out the "Princess and the Pea" theory......
She's our sweet little, baby girl....just DO NOT get between Mia and her bowl at dinner time!!


  1. OMG what a sweetheart. I would have to gobble her up and then put her in my pocket to keep close forever. My lil guy is pretty cute too. I'll have to share all his love one day. Take care and enjoy the rest of your week,

  2. AWWWWWW! What a Doll she is!! I just love that look in the first picture!! *smiles* It definitely says it all!! Thanks so much for sharing your cutie pie baby with us! She's just adorable!!!

  3. she's so cute! I liked the one with her all curled up on the pillows :)


  4. I love the doggie pictures - - and it makes me want to seriously consider trading in my cat......Jon

  5. aww your puppies are adorable..I have a Max..(shih tzu) black and white...and he is spoiled rotten LOL..and he loves it!!!! the pickles look so good..those days are over for me...just buy them at the store now LOL..hubby did that to me with apples one time...that was when I figured out the good Lord meant for me to be a preacher's wife and NOT a farmer's wife LOLOL...happy day...God Bless...hugs from Ora in KY

  6. Your cuties are so sweet and adorable. Definitely keeping a tan there :).........

  7. Mia May is quite the girl-dog! She looks sooo much like Topper, my boy-dog rat terrier!

  8. Those looks...lol. They can melt anyones heart. She is just something else I tell ya. :) Kelly