Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Heat Is On!!!

It happened Thursday.......The parental units finally got a temporary CO on the the power company was here within hours to hook-up the south FL this would have been at least a 10 day wait!!!

And.........the heat is on.......temp in the house was 33* at hook up and within 4 hours it was up to 60*.........who invented insulation?........i'd like to give them a big hug!!!

There's City Boy (in the blue coat).....he went out to tell the power guys that our generator had " kicked on" when they cut the power.........first time in two years it's kicked-on for real.....that was $8000.00 well spent!! I can't complain about the cost....after 14 days without power when hurricane Frances barreled thru...11 days with Jeanne and 9 days with Wilma.....never again will we be without....i need to flush toilets!!! It's an OCD thing.........

Well....this next's a small cottage down the mountain from us......they have a small pond which over flows thru the pipe into a creek.......the first thought i had when i saw the frozen over flow was......."HOUSTON....WE'VE GOT A PROBLEM HERE!"

Sometimes......i think my brain is strange..................and i've got to stop thinking in song lyrics and movie phrases.......Have a Great Sunday!!!


  1. I'd be lost here without power for sure. I depend on it to keep me warm for sure. We rarely have outages, but it would be nice to know you have backup. Hope you are keeping warm. It must be cold there too,if you have ice like that

  2. I'm glad the generator did it's job.
    We haven't been without power due to snow or ice storm in years.
    I hope we get thru this winter without one too.
    Thanks for the visit and comment.

  3. Can't imagine what it would be like to not have power for any length of time. Our temps sit at -40C right now with high windchills. It would get mighty cold pretty quickly.

  4. I bet you are glad that you have a generator at times like that.

  5. My daughter said they were buying a generator to be ready next time a hurricane hits near Houston. I need to ask her if they did. Texans don't do well without A/C.

  6. Sounds exciting! Yeah that is expensive but a nice back up plan and sounds like it is needed.

  7. Glad you have got your heat on ~ We have a woodburner to use if the other heating is turned off ~ Ally x

  8. You know I once had a writing instructor tell me that you write as you do you talk in movie speak? LOL He had written "cliche" all over my paper, so I guess I talk "cliche" all day! Don't figure. Your cabin looks like it is beautiful what I could see of it, lol.