Friday, January 9, 2009

Much Better

Today's view from the front porch is MMMMUUUCCCHHH better than yesterday!!!However....the temp is only 21* out there with an expected high of around 39*
Beats FL's 80', with the asthma it's so much easier to breathe...another entry ...another day!

When you look at something this beautiful everyday can you not believed in God.....then add in the locals who live by the "God, Family, Country" rule....... it's almost Heaven!!!
Have a good day......... I'm gonna finish the quilt for my BFF...almost done!!!


  1. That is an awesome view!

    Will you be posting a picture of BFF's quilt when you finish?

  2. Very beautiful day today :) I am enjoying seeing the sun for once! We are going to have rain tomorrow, but this is today! Kelly

  3. It is truly lovely, it would be great to have a view like that outside our window.

  4. Love the view!! It was beautiful with snow too.