Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Too Bright?!

This is the view from the ridge above our house.....i tryed and tryed to get a clear picture...then realized the sun was "Too Bright"
When we first moved to the mountains i thought to myself that the sun, stars, moon, planets and even the sky was brighter........but, being from the "Sunshine" state, i kept telling myself it was just my imagination......
Then shortly after the male child moved to the dusk one night....we were setting up the telescope , hoping to get a good look at a passing satellite.....i causally said to the kid....."does everything seem brighter up here?"

He looked at me with one of those cross-eyed, "Duh!"looks and said..........."Well of course they're brighter.....we're closer to'm!"

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh......the wisdom of youth!!!!!


  1. Its not ofen we can say its to bright but it is a lovely view just the same. Love Jon

  2. Bright is beautiful for sure. How nice to have such a beautiful place to live. 'On Ya'-ma