Sunday, January 11, 2009


Yuck.....Yuck....and double Yuck!!!

It's cold with icy rain.....again!!! Possible snow flurries tonight and tomorrow....yuck!

Panthers and Cardinals.....yuck!

Tennessee and Baltimore.......yuck!

Max and i are having bad hair days.....yuck!

It's Sunday.....i love Sundays's the Lord's Day....but. i've got to do some laundry...yuck!

Maybe, I'll just go back to bed and start over........ever have one of these kind'a days?


  1. Yes, I have & they were yuck too!! Maybe things will get better....

  2. I hope your day gets better than it started. The sun is faintly peeping out here now. 'On Ya'-ma

  3. Ha Ha!!! You just made my day!! I love how the words and that look on your puppy's face go together!! I just cracked up! It does seem to be exactly what he's/she's thinking!! Only a doggy mom would know :-) Thanks!!!

  4. well, I am having a bad hair too. Let's all go back to bed. See you in five and let's hope its a new day then.

  5. had to shovel myself out this things are melting...Iknow if I had waited, it wouldn't have melted! LOL

  6. Yes, I have them often lately. Today was drudgery outside. The muck and mire, the cold biting wind. The animals needed me though, and I was there, doing what I always do for their comfort. Once it warms up and the sun returns (Sun? What is that?) I will remember why I love every one of them. We have been fortunate enough to not have any ice...yet. I say less 'yuck' and more 'yay'! Lets order some warm weather and sunshine from Florida, do you think they would trade? ;) Kelly

  7. we accidentally went through downtown charlotte as everyone was going to the game, sorry i heard they lost before we ever made it back on track to our destination,,, it was neat seeing all the tailgating and the excitement though