Monday, January 19, 2009

Watch the Birdie!!!

We are under a "Winter Weather Watch" (snow and more snow) until sometime tomorrow.......could this be another "yuckville" day!?........City Boy and the dogs have already gone back to bed for their morning naps and i don't think the male child has cracked an eyelid yet........why am i up and functioning....good question?!
Could it be that someone (City Boy) called me at 6:50 this AM from Wal Mart and wanted to know what flavor Gatorade to buy the male child!!?? Since the GBP surgery City Boy has become an exercise nut....walking....he can't get enough walking!! And...of course...if you can't walk go to the local 24/7 Wal Mart!! Posted by Picasa
At 6:50 in the AM i don't care what flavor you buy for the male child......however, he did remember that we needed birdseed........the finches and sparrows....who were hungry ..... Thank Him!!!


  1. The birds have been having a time of it at our feeders too. This winter they are having to depend on them alot. the ground is covered and everything is frozen.
    I tried to get pictures but everytime I went near the door they flew away.

  2. MA, thanks for spelling out that the picture was a birdfeeder. I just woke up, and to me it looked like some sort of toy truck or something like that falling from the sky, and the birds were frantically trying to get away from it!

    either my life is too exciting, or too sheltered ...

  3. Thanks City Boy!! I love my birds too!!!! I can't wait til warmer days where I can sit out on the deck & really be able to enjoy them!!!

  4. Wow! What a fabulous picture! I wonder, is that bird feeder in front of a window? So that you are looking out at it? Or did you go outside to get the picture?
    Good for City Boy!!! I wish I could get myself up and at em!! Hee hee!