Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Check out the dirt on Max's face.....he loves to dig holes in this NC orange dirt.....i'm thankful the male child caught him and cleaned his feet before he made it upstairs.......

I'm thankful the rain has stopped...............

I'm thankful that the parental units will be moving into the"lodge" next week..............

I'm thankful the male child decided to return to college...............

I'm thankful for all the small blessing the Lord sends my way each day...........

I'm thankful my return to work has been delayed by the state.....and that the job did not get cut from the budget........

I'm thankful for my new life here in the Blue Ridge and that God had the steering wheel the day we found this property.......

I know that's only seven....but, City Boy's off today and it's time for the "Errands" to begin......he loves to shop!!!!

Stay safe and warm out there.....................


  1. Oh my! Max does love the orange dirt. LOL I'm glad he got his feet cleaned too. What a wonderful list of thankfuls. You both enjoy your shopping today. Reckon you'll find more bargain goodies? I can't wait to see if you do.

  2. I bet you're glad it's not raining. Those orange whiskers aren't as bad dry as they could be wet. Have a good day.

  3. I think you live in a beautiful environment. If I had my way, I'd be somewhere in the Mountains or with a good view of them.

  4. Max is ADORABLE!! What a funny little doggy, he must have the best personality!! The looks on his face are...well, they're...priceless!!

  5. Mercy, I am so far behind on your journal...but I wanted you to know I am reading up a storm this morning catching up. Love the picture of you canning :) I know about those jealous doggies. Tip is spoiled like that. If another dog comes visiting, she wont share anything! Hugs, Kelly

  6. Love you litttle dow mud included. Have a good shopping day. Love Joan.

  7. That orange dirt can make a mess!!

    Thank you for the message on my blog!

  8. Great list. It always makes my day when I take time to be thankful.

  9. Max looks adorable with those orange whiskers! I can relate to your list of things to be thankful for!