Wednesday, April 22, 2009

#6 be totally honest....project #6 has been done since the end of's the awful part.......i forgot to take pictures and post them!!!.....Sorrythis cute little table runner was made from one.....yes, one .....Charm Pack!!
I used the Petit Four pattern found on Moda Bake Shop in Feb or March....can't remember!

and the Charm Pack was .....Moda...."Oh My Dog"
Which has a very beachy....summery look

Used some aqua and bright pink from the stash to piece the back....

These colors don't match a thing in my house...sooo i'm thinking of saving it to give as a gift....

Pictures of #7 tomorrow.......


  1. Beautiful. You just amaze me. Looking forward to #7! Have a good day!

  2. Very cute and summery! Can't wait to see #7. And I LOVE your header picture - to have that view. Although if I had that view, I'd NEVER get anything done

  3. I love the table runner and it's colorful materials. Hope your Wednesday is a great one!

  4. I love it. Aren't those charm pkgs just the neatest. Love that material too.

  5. Love the table Runner the colours are really nice ~ Ally x

  6. You know how much I love this pattern. Thanks for the Birthday Charm know what I will make with it. Jacob's quilt top is done, just need to add 6 inch outer boarder!!!!

  7. Hey, finished is finished. I'm all for finishing.....wish I did more of that! It looks very cute and summery. I like it!