Thursday, April 30, 2009

View From the Front Porch........

Yes .... the header and the above picture is "REALLY" the view from my front porch!!
Yesterdays announcement from the governor's office that all state employees and teachers pay will be cut by .05%....starting immediately thru the end of the fiscal year.......
This is in a effort to balance the state budge......
OK.......they can have .05% of my next to nothing......
My rant is that elected state employees are exempt.......! but, are being asked to voluntarily cut their pay .05%...........
How many of these "elected officials"..... do you think are going to help out balancing the budget??!!
And ....what happens July 1....under the new fiscal year???
Hey!......bright side!.......i still have a job!!!


  1. My teacher hubby broke the news yesterday, just before the usual panic of a paycheck-free summer hits. In addition, there are 85 teacher positions that need to be whacked in the county where he teaches, so we hope to be thankful he still has a job!

    And, yes, we'll see how many elected officials volunteer for pay-cut duty....


  2. California has its own set of budget woes. Pay cuts in the form of furloughs ... tax increases - some places have 10% sales tax!!! Budgets not being signed ... schools and hospitals not being funded ... contractors not being paid ... billions and billions of dollars in deficits ... more dollars in deficit than McDonald's hamburgers served ...

    I'd say don't get me started, but you already did ...

  3. So far 100 teacher have received a pick slip from my district. Yesterday they cut 110 jobs from summer school.

    Yes, I agree I am lucky to have a job!

  4. Truly if you have a job count your blessings!

  5. Yikes!
    When you give back you never get it back.

  6. Sorry to hear this news. Hope you continue to keep your job.

  7. Good Lordy Bee! What to say? I don't think I can say it in public.

  8. Beautiful view you have. All state employees should be treated the same. Helen

  9. Gorgeous photos! It makes you mad I know. I would be curious to know how many volunteered to donate their 5%.

  10. Spectacular view from your deck..just amazing *VBS* Hugs, Finn

  11. It's point-five percent - half a percent... But it still sucks! As a bus driver, I'm getting it too. So are community colleges, UNC-systems, etc.
    LOTS of folks at my school are complaining, whining and moaning.
    I still have a job, which some cannot say. (We had six teacher-assistants told they are laid off come the end of this school year.)

    Scary stuff!
    At least Bev Perdue (our governor) has also "volunteered" to have her salary cut by half-a-percent.
    (Like that's a hardship for her! HA!)

    Back to your beautiful view.
    And I just love the mist that's calmly floating around...
    Makes it kind of dreamy. :-)