Monday, April 20, 2009


...Again?.....Didn't we just do this thing called "Monday" last week???
It's's's damp and cold....
the weather gurus have come out of hiding and are predicting snow "again" for Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.......
Is this the beginning of another fun filled week??!!


  1. I'm thankful the weekend was nice, but yes, our weather here is about the same for Monday

  2. It's cold here too. It actually froze last night...UGH. Cute picture.

  3. It is raining here also in the great northeastern Pa.

  4. We have Sunny weather here in the UK ~ Miracles do still happen :o)
    Hope your weather improves soon ~ Ally x

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  6. Glad that we don't have that snow but we have been having storms all over the place. Be gone snow and bad weather. Helen

    April 20, 2009 11:21 AM

  7. Oh I am sooooooooo ready for warmer sunny weather...when I showered last night I checked to see if I was growing "fins" LOLOL...and nope...none so far...but wouldn't surprise me!!! it has stopped raining...and the sun is pushing some clouds away...but it is cold and chilly...back to my aphgan and book...happy day to ya...Ora in KY

  8. Lovely picture!

    I wish I could bottle up some of our Florida weather and send it to you. It's very nice here now, low in 50's and highs near 80.
    I would so love some of that snow though!
    Before we know it,it will be too hot here for the children to play out doors.

  9. Since we're comparing weather, I must be honest here.

    It's a beautiful sunny Southern California day. Today's high in the 90805 was around 97 or so degrees. Right now (9:25 pm west coast time) it's about 80 degrees outside. We're looking for a low of around 62 overnight. We're on a cooling trend ... forecast high for tomorrow is 83 degrees.

    Honesty hurts, doesn't it?