Saturday, April 25, 2009

Community Watch........ watching the traffic at the new bird feeder.......


  1. I love watching birds at the feeders. They have such personalities and are so cute to watch. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I love watching birds from a distance, lol. I was attacked by a mad parakeet and kind of left its mark. So, I won't own a domestic but love to see wild birds from a distance. Especially, lil blue birds.

  3. Sorry Linda May, but I *hate* house sparrows.
    They "evict bluebirds and destroy their nests" (to quote my bluebird book)!
    I *love* bluebirds, and house sparrows like to throw out the bluebird eggs from the nest, and they even sometimes trap and kill the female bluebird as she is on the nest! I think that's horrible!

    Matter of fact, I'm having trouble with a pair of thhose sparrows right now - they want my bluebird box and they keep scaring the bluebird pair away.

    I'm at a loss...

  4. You're birds are prettier then my birds.

  5. Love the birdfeeder - I really need to get some!

  6. I love your feeder...I love watching birds too. Have a great day.
    Pat from Virginia