Sunday, April 26, 2009


One of my goals for 2009 was to find a home church....
Well....i'm sad to stay that not much progress as been made......
I live in the heart of the Bible belt....
There's a church on every corner...!!

Every week there's an invitation to visit and every week i make the same excuse.....
What's wrong with me??!!
I'm soooo blessed with family, good health, a good job and a wonderful place to live.....
I truly credit and thank God for all my blessings and know deep in my heart that Jesus died on the cross for me......
Maybe it's because i feel closest to the Lord sitting alone on my front porch....watching all his magnificent creations unfold before me.....


  1. When you find out that answer please let me know. I feel the same way about sitting alone on my deck enjoying all of God's creations.

    This is me talking here...I feel like there's a lot of drama in some churches, but that's still not an excuse.

  2. I know what you mean!

    My mother, however, always quotes the verse about " not to assemble thy selves together....". She always calls every Sunday and wants me to attend her church. I have not felt at home in a church for a long time. But I do listen ... whether its on TV, radio or ... as you in the quiet and I feel God.

    Maybe we could pray for one another in this area and see what happens? God Bless!

  3. Yes, there will be drama. You're dealing with people. You have drama with your own kids, right? And they have the same background! So, obviously when you bring together people of Different backgrounds, you will have drama. You shouldn't use drama as an excuse not to connect personally with your kids, and you shouldn't use drama as an excuse not to connect personally with God's people.

    Think of church as kind of like being with cousins ... You can gather with them online, by phone, feel close by looking at photos in your living room. But you don't have the privilege of knowing one another intimately unless you actually meet together. Same with fellow believers.

    There is nothing wrong with feeling closest to God when you are on your front porch (or for me, at the ocean)looking out at God's creation. But I don't think that God intends for that feeling of closeness to be kept to yourself. What I'm trying to say is that part of assembling together is to build relationships with others who also feel close to God, to build each other up, to lean on and allow others to lean on you.

    I could go on ... perhaps in a post of my own ...

  4. I agree, when you find the answer please let me know. We do attend church, however.... enough said.

    I hope you can eventually find one.

  5. I think you already "found your church" The quiet and comfort of your own front porch!
    Who said "church" had to be a certain building???


  6. I know exactly what you mean. I too feel closer to God when I am on my deck watching the Birds and squirrels in my back yard,at the beach alone or going for a long drive,just me and the lord.I do however love my church and feel that it is important to be involved in a church and worship with others who love the lord as i do.

  7. I don't go to church my self, but i do set out side and enjoy gods gifts,to me it is the best church, Mother Earth!
    Have a Great Sunday!

  8. sometimes I wish I was just sitting in the back porch by myself instead of in church

  9. when the time is right...he will lead you to where you need to be..if you need to be led anywhere...our church is this blog for some of us...I'll join you & the rest right on our porches..and take in his creations...not a bad church to "belong" too, if you ask me...we are Global!

  10. I hope you find a church home. Don't give up!

  11. I've been in the same church (which has it's drama) for many many years. I go every Sunday and have even found one to attend when I'm camping. I need to be there, I cannot find what I do there any place else.

  12. John and I visited several churchs each one for several months before we found the one we feel comfortable in. One church here in our town we never knew who the minister's wife was. I told a lady I didn't and she said thats okay we members don't know who she is either. When John had surgery the minister came to the hospital I think at the insistance of our friend. The minister sat and read the paper while John's daughter and I looked at each other. lol Oh well we like to go to church and we like the people there. Haven't decided about the new pastor for sure yet but his wife is a real person and we love her.

  13. I went thru a spell(about one and a half years) when I tried to convince myself that I could church myself at home. It is so true that the building isn't the church. But the people in the church are and a few weeks ago I started going back to church. I was just not getting the learning from my own reading the bible. I needed more help in that area. The past few Sundays since I have gone back I absolutely got goose bumps at the awesomeness of being with God, with his people singing praises to His Glory while learning how I can gain insight into who He is. I don't have any answers for you but wanted to share what I just went thru. God wants to commune with us and He knows we need to gather together in His Name. If you truly feel you are giving Glory to God by sitting on your porch, then by all means stay there; if not get going... PS. I love the pictures of your dog. I always wanted a Jack Russel until I found my Shih Tzu.