Sunday, April 5, 2009

Special request.....

Had a request from Topper in CA for more pictures of Mia........
Well.. Mia is a bit camera shy...but, here are two good ones.....

We rescued Mia from a broken home, where she was living in a doggie crate for approx. 18 - 20 hours a day ...she was in good health and spirits...just needed somewhere to run and play....she came to live with us about 1 month before we moved to the Blue Ridge

To quote the male child......"Mia has become a true Mountain Diva with a "Miss Piggy" attitude..."

She's a princess.....a spoiled brat.....she has us wrapped around her paw...and she knows it....she's a champion beggar....great hole digger.....she chews her nails.....she loves to be dirty....hates a bath....she's an alarm system with her sharp- yappie bark....she thinks she's a guard dog and trys to act tough....she's a sucker for a dog treat and her favorite thing in the whole world is...."French vanilla ice cream!!"

She has her own personal chew toy...Max

She tolerates Miss Kitty......i think they share the same attitude...(poor Max)

She's also a super terrific snuggler on cold winter nights.......

Winks and Topper..... her" look-a-like" new friend!


  1. Awwww, she's just precious! I love the male child's quote, "Mountain Diva with a Miss Piggy attitude."
    I know she's is much happier with you guys!

  2. Topper actually sat and stared at the screen while I was reading this ...

    I think he's in love with Mia...

  3. She is a beautiful dog. I hate to see dogs caged. Glad that you rescued her. Our Patches is of the same breed and she chews her nails or pulls at the hair between her toes. Helen

  4. You do have one special little dog there. How sweet she is!

  5. So Glad Mia's with you!!!
    She's a cutie!

  6. Seems like a mutual admiration society to me. She is lucky to have you and your family and you are lucky to have her.