Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday.......

You know.......there comes a time in life, when you don't feel as old as you really are.......well, that time is upon me........
Today is my female child's birthday...... i should be counting all the ways i love her, all the ways she makes me proud, writing about what a super wife and mother she is and all the sweet memories of her childhood......
But....... being the sick minded individual that i mind keeps returning to the thought....
"I'm to have a daughter this age!!!"
Love'a kid.......
Happy Birthday....Mom


  1. Happy birthday to your daughter!!!! I know the feeling well.....

  2. A birthday???

    Oh, I must sing, as is my custom.
    I shall sing for her!!!

    Sing along, you know the words!

    OOOOHHHH thuuuhhhhh
    Itsy Bitsy Spider climbed up the birthday cake
    Soon he discovered he made a big mistake
    Climbed up the candle before the cake was cut
    And the Itsy Bitsy Spider, he burned his little butt!

    Hope her day is wonderful!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter. I too know the feeling.

  4. I hope she has a wonderful birthday! It's a good thing to feel young!

  5. Happy Birthday to your daughter! LOL about your comment! Have a good day!

  6. Happy Bithday to your Daughter. May she have a happy day. Helen

  7. Saw your comment on Karen's Thread of Red blog and was intrigued by your name. I'm in Lexington, VA, so thought you might be somewhere near me. You are actually way closer to Karen's shop than I am, but I have a DD and DSIL who live about 20 minutes from there - and I was in her shop last Saturday. When we retire and move to ATL area I hope to be able to visit her shop much more often!
    I also have a daughter whose b'day was April 16 - and her older daughter was also born that day - they are 35 and 3 now. I liked your sentiment about not being old enough to have a child that age, but since my son will be 40 in October I will be singing that song then for sure!

    Love your mountain pictures - as for your question about being a local yet - we've lived in Virginia 29.5 yrs and I don't think the locals here consider us Virginians yet!