Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Once again the male child appeared.....downloaded some pictures on my laptop and started to disappear down the stairs........when i quickly asked what he was taking pictures of ...... he mumbled..."Oh you know.....Whatever" here's a few whatevers.....

How can they called this a's to pretty..... Weeds are so cool.......City Boy can mow them down and they just come back.....gotta love a plant with that much determination.....

This is what the sky has looked like for the last few days..... Rain, rain go away.....the forecast is for 4 more days of the wet stuff....yuck!

More mountains friends at the free buffet..... Look at the Indigo Buntings!! I think they have built a nest in the nesting box on the telephone pole.....
OOps....sorry...they're not Indigos....could be Purple Martins or Mountain Bluebirds.....hey! I've got the book..... but, they're all starting to look alike to me......
anyway.....they're cute and i enjoy watching them!!

Waiting his turn.......
Check out the buds on that Frasier fur tree!!!

No wonder my allergies are working overtime.....


  1. Your son made some good pictures. Check out this site. This is what we call the indigo buntings. Helen

  2. nice pics..I wish we could get some gray skies..we are extremely dry down here..

  3. He took some really nice photos.


  4. Well...he's done it again! Wonderful Photos!! Great eye! Keep up the good work!!

  5. Your son does some fantastic photography. I so enjoy seeing his pictures.

  6. great pics thanks for sharing!

  7. great photography, something totally worth encouraging.

  8. As I look at the golden hue across the country side from all those beautiful (weeds) yellow blooms I wonder why we fight them and just don't enjoy them. They are great pictures. You are blessed!

  9. Gorgeous pictures! The black bird with the brown head is what we call a Cowbird. I don't know about the other one. I love birds! Thanks for sharing your's!

  10. Great pictures. I love your mountain views.
    Our sky has looked a lot like that down this way too.
    The birds do look like they are enjoying their meals.
    Have a great day.

  11. Weeds photograph quite nicely... I snap their photos all the time. Raining like crazy here in Roanoke too!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  12. Send us some rain, please. Your pictures are lovely.

  13. Hey Linda Maye! Nice pictures! :-)

    The birds on your feeder are called Brown-headed Blackbirds. The lighter one is the female.

    (I looked it up 'cause I didn't know what the lighter one was.)