Thursday, October 22, 2009


......dawg-gone laptop computers with wireless connections!!!

I'm sure the male child can pass his magic hands over the keyboard and it will work once 6:15 this AM...i just could not wake's the Mommy in me!

Anyhoooooo.......Thanks Ranger Tracy for today's picture....and the use of the parks computer.....the write my daily dribble!

Up date on long -arm machine.......

inspectors came yesterday to have a look at the house....all paper work is in......just waiting on refinance check........hurry!!!.....hurry!!!......i'm having a hard time waiting!!!
Show me the money!!!!



  1. do you work at one of the parks? My friend, Andrea, had seasonal employment with them this summer at one of the Ashe locations. She'd like to get on full-time.

  2. I hope you get it soon. I know you are so excited. Gorgeous photo! That's so sweet of Ranger Tracy!

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  4. I do hope the laptop gets working for you and that your money comes for that long arm soon. I know it's hard waiting. I'm the same way whether it's when I want to use the computer or when I have found something I cannot live without.

  5. Yep, it sure sucks when the puters down!
    Hope it gets fixed soon!