Sunday, October 11, 2009

Is this Peak....??

Driving around the country-side yesterday......i snapped a few pictures of the fall this peak?.....Don't think so.....still a lot of green out there....

This is the view from the ridge above our houses.....the red and green roofs center of the pix is us!!.....that's our view....Phillips Gap!!

To the east of the front porch...

Down the mountain and around the corner......

To the west of the front porch.....

Little retirement farm around the corner, down the mountain and pass the second curve.....they raise hay......hay for feed.....not the other kind!!
Wellllllll......maybe the other kind.....don't really know them ....! We just wave!

Anyway........there is still lots of green leaves out i think we have a couple more weeks to enjoy the beautiful fall color!!

Enjoy Sunday


  1. Simply beautiful...I love NC.

  2. I've never been to North Carolina. I've heard it is beautiful there. We don't get much color here in SoCal in the Fall, but we do get a little. Really enjoy your photos.


  3. Very beautiful! I just love this time of the year! Truly beautiful!

  4. I would like to have a retirement farm!

  5. Like you I believe it likes a week or two being at it's peak. Helen

  6. What a pretty place to live. We don't have all our colors out yet either although with the frost we've been having now at nights, the leaves will soon be off the trees. Our fall is late this year, however it's come in with a bang.

    Yes we do have turkey for Thanksgiving. We have our big meal tomorrow. I'm baking pies today. Hugs

  7. great pics, the leaves are falling in pa.

  8. here in Vilas, we have a lot of yellows/golds but I see a lot of red in Boone.

    I always think of the peak as being on Daddy's birthday - Oct 17.

  9. This is all fantastic but I'm reading you made some applesauce and are recommending a great pairing with vanilla ice-cream. Delightful. Simply yum!

  10. Beautiful Pictures! Another Linda! I have found more "Linda's" through blogging that are around my age than ever before! We had snow on our beautiful leaves on Saturday morning in northern Wisconsin!

  11. It looks about the same here. Not many leaves have started to fall yet and there is still alot of green too.