Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Say it ain't sooo......

....the clouds have moved in.....the raindrops are falling and so are the temps....
when i cracked open the eyes this AM the outside temp was 50*......OK the time i left the house...the temp was down to 48*.......
Here's the big decision......turn on the heat or not......??!!
Put it to a vote among the breathing bodies in the house.....dogs voted voted no......male child voted.....i don't care......i abstained......
Two dogs.....two votes for yes!!
I flipped the switch!!


  1. We're still holding out here too, but it was 60 when I woke this morning. Now, at 10:30, it's 55...
    With the sewing lights over my machine, it's still nice and toasty in my sewing room. =-)

  2. We've had the heat on now for about a week. I turn it off at night. I woke up this morning to about 2 inches of snow and it's still coming down. It won't stay though because it's suppose to warm up a bit next week. Have a great day.

  3. We are still holding out, too. The temp has dropped here in the Charlotte area as well. I didn't wear warm enough clothes to work but I do have a space heater at my feet! Guess we know who is in charge of your house! LOL

  4. Hi there, We've had dreary cold days since the weekend and we did turn out heat on-not to much mind you but on none the less. At night while watching t.v. we turn on the gas fireplace and cover with quilts.
    Love your photos-have a warm pleasant day!

  5. My heat was on at the end of September.
    Low 40's here in pa.

  6. I've turned on the heat a couple of times this season just to take the chill out of the air, I'm sure I'kk kickm it in this evening for a bit. For lunch today, I ate at Panera Bread and sat next to the gas logs. Got me really wanting gas logs but we don't have a fireplace.

  7. LOL we have our heat on and off all year round depends what sort of day we get ~ It can be all Seasons here in 1 day :o) ~ Ally x

  8. We've had heat on now for about 2 weeks. We've already had a couple of nights with frost, so ...

  9. I turned on our heat today too. The rainy weather makes my bones creak so heat was necessary in order for me to move around in an upright position... LOL


  10. Have the same issue when it is air conditioning time - whether to give up the discomfort and go for it. Once on, matter easily settled. Sure it is the same for heat. I hate to be cold.