Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ohhhhh....Help Me Rhonda!!!

Don't ya just loooovveee cyber-banking!!!

Our new payroll system insist that we all have direct deposit.......i have no problem with this have been doing it for years.......

Then tell me why....yesterday i received a paper check in the US mail???!!!

This was suppose to be in the bank Friday.......!!

I've paid the remaining credit card bills....the phone bill.....the propane bill....bought groceries......had my hair done........all of which i paid either on-line or hand delivered a check over the weekend.....

Now i find out there is NO money in the bank ....because.....you didn't direct deposit, the deposit....which you insisted was the ONLY system!!!

I'll be at the bank at 9AM with savings book in hand ...to try and stop the national debit of bank fees...that are probably stacking up as i write this......

Then like Max i just may pass out....

I looovvvee cyber-banking!!.......:(



  1. I hope you can beat those checks to the bank. That was a bad way to do someone without any notification. Helen

  2. Do you go to your bank online and check your accounts? I check everything daily.

    I had to put up a fight at work to get direct deposit and management finally surrendered. Some menfolk said they had to have their check in hand, I figured they wanted it before wives got to it. :-)

  3. opps is right...and when we were in the Army...we had direct banking...and after the first mishap such as yours...we always checked with the bank first before writing checks...we were like you..drowning in bankinf overdraft fees...hope all works out for you!!! and Miss Kitty...she is adorable..kinda sorta looks like me...in the morning LOLOLOL...mouse or no mouse!!!!! have a blessed day...hugs from Ora

  4. As it wasn't your fault I think the place that pays you should take some responsibility on the fees if you do have any. We have direct deposit on pay days and one time an error was made and they deposited pays one day late. They said they would cover any fees. Thankfully there were none.

  5. Glad to hear your got your "nugget of gold" and it all worked out. Hugs..

  6. What a mess...I used to work for a bank...and yes, that does happen and it is sooooo expensive!!

  7. Oh I'd be pitching a fit. Hope you can beat the fees.....

  8. Yikes, what is it 30 bucks a bounced check now?

  9. It happened at school on time--The person at the school's bank didn't press the "send" button to send school money to other banks! There were several of us in a panic--the school's bank took care of the charges!

  10. That would make me sooooo angry!