Monday, October 12, 2009

Saturday's Loot.......

......These are my treasures from the rummage sale at one of the Fall Festivals on Saturday....

The blue and cream plate is a little bit larger than a dinner plate....will make a perfect serving platter for the three of us and only cost me $.50.......But ......The pillow!!
It is a hand made cathedral window can't see all the tiny little hand-stitches!!
I picked it up and carried it around for several minutes, before i dared to look at the piece tag!!
Holding my breath ..... with a rapidly beating heart....i slowly flipped over the little white tag....


Whoa Baby!! Come to Mama!!

You're going home with longer will you live in a cold, dark, church basement.......

I'm putting you in my child size rocking chair.....with your own baby quilt to snuggle....and maybe a little stuffed bunny to keep you company.....

Mama loves you!!



  1. Great job Linda May! We are going down in Cajun Country next weekend as they are having a 7 mile yard sale! I was supposed to go to the Louisiana Book Festival in Baton Rouge but we haven't had a get a way in awhile and we love yard sales so that won out over the book fest! :)

  2. What a great deal on both, however that pillow is incredible. You are one fortunate lady to have found it.

  3. You did do wonderfully with your bargain shopping there. I love them both.

  4. Love the plate. The cushion is beautiful. All that intricate hand work. It is well worth those $$$. Helen

  5. Wow!! That pillow is fantastic -- and for that price?? What a super deal! It's gorgeous!!

  6. A very lucky pillow!! And for 75 cents. Great shopping.

  7. oh my gosh what a lovely pillow! ANd the plate - i have that pattern for my dishes, only mine have farm animals in the center instead of hearts:)