Wednesday, December 2, 2009


.......yesterday looked like this...... looks like this.....

...and the weather guru's say tomorrow my look this.....

Ahhhhh.....hey......Mother Nature.......!!

I'm on winter break here!........could you make up your mind...??!!



  1. We got over a foot of snow yesterday. I'm loving it. Hope your weather decides what to do. How about joining me, I just might go and make some snow angels tonight when no one is looking. Hugs

  2. We've got a chance of snow Friday here in South Texas!Everyone is all excited because ,well, it's South Texas. It doesn't happen very often!

  3. Hi there, Yesterday it was cloudy and very cold with snow promising...this morning we woke up to the white stuff on the ground and although the sun is out it's cold outside. I wish we'd settle in weather wise-love the snow.
    Hugs, Noreen

  4. I guess Mother Nature must have "Free Will" like the rest of us, eh?

  5. Rain for us today and tomorrow...changing to or mix with snow by Thursday evening they say.

  6. Today was 80, sunny but wind picked up at 1PM, we were over to Fort Pierce at the Beach, then the Navy Seal Museum and stopped at Allen's Diner in Ft. Pierce and visited a friend who owns it who I went to High School with, have to head for frozen tundra of Northern NY Monday the 7th, We go to West Palm as that is where Anna Maes Uncle John lived and I have a nephew still there. Take care!

  7. Ho Ho Ho Snow!!! Looks like we may be getting some here in southeast Virginia too . It feels like ice in the air while ago when I went out side to change my flag to Christmas.
    Wonder did you get some ?