Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Winter Vacation......

"Hey Mommmmmmm!!...He's in my space!!"

"He's touching Me!!"

Isn't this about the time that the "whining" starts??

When the new toys and gadgets are no longer the most fascinating things in the world...

Today's...."Today Show" had a segment on what to do with the kids......which was great.....

unless you have no $$ for that spur-of-the-moment ski vacation.......there are "GREAT..?" deals out there....

or.....your snowed/iced in (like us) and can't drive the 3 hours to the closest kids museum or amusement park....

My question is....

"How soon do they go back to school or work??"



  1. I used to love the school vacations when the babes were young. We did alot of family things and their was never a dull moment. Your two cuties in the picture there have the right idea. Looks like a great way to spend the day to me.

  2. Cute picture. Looks like our two. One doesn't mind the snuggling. The other wants none of it LOL. Helen

  3. Love the picture!! I think that's the saddest part about buying more and more toys for kids. You are so right, the novelty wears off pretty quick for most kids. Get them outside making snow forts or spending time in a treehouse and they'll have way more fun. Heck, give a little one a box and they'll play with it for hours. Hugs

  4. Cute picture. It looks like you got one heck of an ice storm. Brrrrrrr

  5. I firmly believe kids are out of school far too long over christmas holidays etc...LOL...and as they counted the days when school was out...I am counting the day when they go back LOL...but then I think of homework...early morning rising...etc etc etc...are we ever satisfied with our lot??? NO!!! LOL...God Bless...hugs...Ora in KY PS..if we ever built again..I would put one of those generators in...glad you are doing so well during this icy weather...nothing here...just windy...and cold