Saturday, December 26, 2009

Money well spent.......

......after dealing with the weeks of power outages during the 2005 Florida hurricane season....

City Boy, said....."Never again!!"

So....a large portion of our building budget was spent on a propane fueled giant generator.....that's wired directly into the houses electrical system.....

I laughed and laughed......and told him it was big enough to power a hospital and we would NEVER use it.........HA!

Well ...... Thursday and Fridays ice storm proved me wrong!!

The gentle giant clicked on within 30seconds of losing power and has been humming away for the last 24 hours.......we have water.....and power to most of the house!!

Now if the satellite dish would come back on and the propane doesn't run out...

We're set until the power guys can get those wires restrung....



  1. You are one of the very fortunate ones for sure. I did hear of others layered in quilts and blankets to keep warm and no Christmas dinner. I'll be praying all the power is restored soon. That was very wise preparation. I've often wondered what I would do to keep warm. Hopefully I won't have to find out.

  2. woohoo, gotta love the "big" things.

  3. Good for you Linda May!We have 2 gas generators bought during Katrina. I want to have propane put in here for a cook stove. Will have to check on that propane generator!

  4. Good for your hubby. I always like to be prepared for anything that might come along and john is the oppsite. Don't worry about it until it is here.

  5. Woo-Hoo! I know you sure are glad you have it! GReat job hubby!

  6. WTG on hubby thinking ahead. That's awesome!! I love it when I read "money well spent". Great job!! Hugs

  7. I'm not going to read this post to hubby, because he's been talking about a generator since we had the ice storm before Christmas 3 years ago. Other things have had to happen--like the thermal windows we put in that next summer and the heating and cooling system that had to be replaced--but the generator is on the short list for sure!

  8. When we decided to build in the country I had a few stipulations - 1) safe room in case of tornadoes; 2) a security system and 3)a big generator. We didn't get the generator right off and since we've had it we have not lost power for more than a few minutes. But if/when we do we're ready. So glad you have one too. It's no fun going without power.

  9. we've had a generator on our wish list for awhile, and I like the idea of a propane fueled one since we already have a propane tank here.

  10. Our power flickered a lot yesterday but never went out. We have a gas fireplace so no problem on staying warm when the power is out and we have considered a generator... kind of pricey but worth it I would suppose.

    The Blue Ridge Gal
    Happy Holidays!

  11. Great I am glad its working. I am still trying to get prepared for the "Big One" I don't know if you have heard but California is falling off into the ocean. I am not sure what is going to help that.


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