Sunday, December 20, 2009

While it snowed....snowed...snowed......

I sewed.....sewed.....sewed.....

This is the back.....found a charm pack by Moda hidden in the sewing room.......under a pile of fat quarters and of all things a pack of turnovers in 30's print...


Hummmmmm.......Christmas fabrics!!

So....i whipped up this little wall hanging...

...or table runner...

.....or table's a strange size.......whatever??!!

I love the colors and i needed another Christmas some'm.... for the little cabin in the 12 acre wood!'s still snowing!!



  1. Your creation is delightful...
    I love a good blizzard day, as long as there is electricity!

    Best Wishes for a warm and wonderful Christmas ~Natalie

  2. That is beautiful. A good thing to do on a snowy day. You are very humble calling your home a little cabin. You have a beautiful home.

  3. oh I love patchwork designs. it's snowing here too.

  4. I love the quilt. It looks like some Mary Englebret fabrics there. I love her designs and often use some of her inspiration in my paintings too. We barely have a ground covering here. I've a little quilt that I use on my kitchen table for a table cover and just love it. I didn't make it but found it at one of the 2nd hand stores I love to browse in. Some one else put the labor in but I've got many days of pleasure out of it for sure.

  5. Linda May what a lovely wall hanging....I love all your snow photos it is very hot here!!!

  6. We're closing in on two feet and it's still coming down! I'm getting ready to go out and feed sheep and horses once more before dark; wind is picking up and they need calories to get through the night.
    Love that quilted beauty; what you can do with pieces of fabric!

  7. I loved how your creation turned out. Love the colors too. Hugs..

  8. You are so creative! Love the design and the fabrics you used.

  9. We lucked out, all the snow fell south of us, got lots of calls from folks down south, schools closed, no traffic, locked in with their kids, we just got some below zero temps!! The pictures of it look pretty!! we have about 6 to 8 inches for now!!!

    Merry Christmas!!

  10. That is so cute! I'd love to see some of that snow least a little bit. LOL

  11. I love that wall hanger, table runner, or table topper. There is an award on your sidebar, "zombie chicken award" what does that mean?

  12. Hi..what a beautiful remembrance of a Christmas time in your "cabin" really it is is your beautiful countryside...and we didn't get nearly the snow you guys did..but it was pretty...glad you got all the essentials for surviving LOL..Merry Christmas...hugs Ora in KY...and yes..I am baaaacccckkk!!!