Friday, December 11, 2009

American Gothic.......revisited....

"Be serious he's taking our picture again"....

Many of you know that the real photographer in this "Little Cabin in the Woods" is the Male Child.
He has one of those "fancy-smancy" cameras that when you hold the button down it just continues to take pictures until you release know the ones!!

"What was that??!!"

When i posted American Gothic on Tuesday....little did i know it was a series of three.....found the other two pictures last night......thought i'd share...

"Ohhh....he's still clicking away....wonder if he noticed??"

The camera seems to be semi-permanently attached to the Male Child's hand and he seems to always be in the right place at the right time!!


The fur babies will do just about anything for him!

You think.... i..... could have gotten these three pictures..!!??

No Way!!

Mom's are for handing out treats!



  1. Your male child does a very fine job of it for sure! Handing out treats is the better part of that job anyway! Have a great FRIDAY!

  2. Hi there, You're lucky you have your son to take photos of your dogs-I can rarely get good photos of our two-either they won't cooperate or the sun is shining in on them etc etc. Love these shots.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Such cute photos of the doggies.

  4. Right now we have places with 4FEET of SNOW and more coming down, an WINTER has not even started, I must of been crazy to have come home so early!!!!!

  5. AWWWW!! They look so sweet and patient!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. It is pretty amazing how your pups hold still for the camera. One of my cats loves to have his picture taken and will pose when he sees me with the camera in my face. The only problem is that I can't ever get a picture without him in it.

  7. It is the same way around here with The Boy.Only he doesn't have a camera and takes mine!Then when I take a picture or two and want to down load them there will be 500 other pictures on there he took of goats,close ups of his belly button, and rear ends of various farm animals!

  8. Loved the captions on the photos and I'll bet that's exactly what your babies were thinking!

  9. Oh LindaMay these pictures are hilarious!! I'm in stitches..I am! American Gothic!!! HA! So perfect!! I love the look on the furry doggys face. I'm in stitches!!!
    Thanks for the cheerful post!! I love those little cuties!!