Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Big Decision.....

This was the best picture i could find of the gully down the middle of our bed....

If we are remembering correctly the mattress is about 15 years old....!!

Can anyone tell me why "the Dip" in a bed is always in the middle ...when you and your spouse sleep on the sides....

Do the dogs and/or cats in your home weigh enough to create that low spot...!!??

We've only had Max, Mia and Misskitty since we've been in the high country and we brought the bed with us from Florida.....

Did the humidity in FL have a hand in making the slopes...?

Anyway.......the tax refund came in the mail yesterday and today we're off to buy a new bed.......one without a depressed middle......

Should we take the 3M's with us.....so they can test the softness or firmness and have a vote in the decision.......after all they nap/sleep on it too......

Life is Good


  1. Gotta get their approval!!! Have fun bed hunting. We got a Dr. Bruce bed....my husband loves it but I don't really...can't put my finger on why either.

  2. Well, it is their bed, also. I hope you get a great mattress. It can make a world of difference. Though, I have to admit, I haven't ever seen a bed that sags in the middle like that. Mine usually do sag on both sides and have a hill in the middle.

  3. I know the three Ms would just love to come along. Hope you find a great bed -- it's so important after all.

  4. I hope you find a mattress you like. We do have one that said you have to turn it over once a month, but thankful we don't sleep on it and have to turn it over that often. It's bad on my back. lol.

  5. I have a theory, however I won't discuss it.

    Have a lot of fun spending YOur money, that they have been holding for you.

    Take care, they should be on sale!!!

  6. Considering we spend a third of our lives on one, it should be the best. Happy hunting and make it a good one.
    Think I have the same theory as Sherry and I am mum also.

  7. IF they aer running a buy one get one free deal then send the freebie on down to the Va coast. I desperately need a new one too.

  8. I bet there has been a bit of meeting in the middle so to speak..good luck finding a new bed! :)