Friday, March 11, 2011

Waiting Game...... i sit....!!

Driveway is iced over...but...seems to be melting off fast....
Snow is falling.....but....the winds have picked-up and is blowing it sideways....
so it's not sticking....
Gonna be a little late for work...

I feel like i have it good compared to what i'm hearing and watching on the TV...

We need to all come together and form a massive prayer chain for the good ole' USA...
How much more can she endure without Divine Intervention....??

Thank you Lord for letting me work in a place where prayer is accepted as the norm...
We murmur little messages upward everyday...all day....

Life is Good


  1. I've been watching the news this morning about the earthquake in Japan and the soon to come tsunami in Hawaii and the West Coast. So many, many people need our prayers right now.

  2. Glad you are safe up there. I've heard about a lot of snow. Then here in the southern states they're talking about flooding from the run-offs, and like OK Granny said, the earthquake and tsunami's.
    Prayer is definitely needed for our entire country!

  3. I'm praying and hope others join in too. May the dear Lord bless and protect us and calm the storms all around. Keep us safe and God Bless the USA. We've got about 6 inches of heavy wet snow so far and it's still snowing.

  4. Love this entry Linda, It is nice to know you can pray and ask for prayer and someone doesn't look at you funny.

    It is always easy to see folks worse off. Looking at the Tsunami, Makes you realize the power of nature.

  5. You have more snow on the ground where you are than I do, right now. I'm glad that you could stay home until the roads improve.

  6. I totally agree and like this post immesely!! It kind of piggy-backs on my rants eralier. Prayers are being sent as we speak...
    take good care!

  7. Glad you did not have to drive on those icy roads ~ and Yea prayers for all those in Japan and the other counties effected by the earthquake ~ Ally x

  8. The beauty of prayer is that it can be performed anywhere. I have put in some prayer time this AM for those poor souls in Japan. Nature plays no favorites.

  9. Nice entry. All parts of the world need prayer but for different reasons and HE hears them all.

  10. Well, life is as life does! Looks comfy to me. Hope all is well. We have a friends in Japan, and have not heard from them yet. Hoping soon to hear something. One of them is Hubby's coworker, there for business.

    We are awaiting the 9:00 news for details on the happenings. Take care.