Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We've got a Virus......

On the way into town yesterday, we dropped off Lappy, the computer, for a check-up.....she's been running a little slow lately.....
Later in the afternoon the computer guru called to say that Lappy had been inundated with viruses....and that we had no spy ware installed....
So all afternoon and into the evening CityBoy and I paced the floor.....'cause when TV is in the rerun mode or there's just nothing of interest to watch on the 200 and some-odd channels.....
We play on the the computer.....
Ohhhhhh Man ....the computers gone....!!!
We could have gone downstairs to the office and used the big PC...but....that sounded like to much trouble.......
Can you say "Spoiled".....
I broke out a new book and he went to bed....such is life....
Hope to get Lappy back today....!!!
Life is Good


  1. That dreaded virus is something none of us ever wants to see. Glad you are getting it all fixed up and back home today. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. I hope you can get your computer back soon. Mine was running very slow too and has a virus. She has to go and see the dr. too. Yikes!

  3. And, does lappy have virus protection installed now?

  4. Hope you get your computer back soon if it's like places around here you might get it back in two weeks. lol.
    It's storming here in Alabama this morning.

  5. We are a 2 laptop household. We play on the laptops and watch TV. Hope lappy is OK now.

  6. I hope the virus is found and killed. Yep spoiled, aren't we all. I never know how tgied to this thing I am. Something about the cold weather has caused my ears to fill like they need to be equalized but won't (I figure squeezed eustgation tubes. hahahah
    Good luck with the virus killing..

  7. BTW that was Jack using Sherry's computer, she reads but does not comment. I am borrowing it.

  8. What a coinkydinkle...I was using IReader last night and a malware thingie popped up no no you can't use this because has detected a virus type problem with one of your followers. I did a major scan...delete the bugger and with fingers crossed hoped life would be copacetic. Well, today I am typing like a mad dog...did I say that!! Good luck!

  9. "Lappy" and I have something in common. We both have a virus...mine has been a nasty stomach flu!

    I swear ya just haft to lay hands on these machines sometimes...they become demon possessed I tell ya. Just sayin'...

    God bless and have a remarkable day sweetie!!1

  10. Wishing Lappy a fast and speedy recovery.

  11. Get a Mac. Hope it has stopped raining's pouring here.