Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday......

Be Thankful for the Glory of the Lord...!!
Be Thankful for the Sun coming up over the mountains....!!
Be Thankful for the warmth of a Spring breeze....!!
Stop and count your Blessings...!!
Happy St. Patrick's Day
Hope you wearing the "Green"
Life is Good


  1. It is a great day to be thankful for here too. We are finally getting warmer and that is a blessing. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  2. Yes, today like every day is a great day to be Thankful.

    Love from just a little North.

  3. I'm thankful and a happy st. patrick's day to you too.

  4. Would you believe, I am Irish to the bone and forgot green today. Do grass clippings count?
    I too am thankful.