Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Where'd They Go.....!!!

When i sat down at Lappy this morning......CityBoy says....
" I think i may have deleted a file or two earlier this morning...."


As i cruised the icons on the left of the screen......

Where's "Dad's Pictures.......???!!!"

There's only 3.5 years of pictures in that folder....!!!


There it is in the Recycle Bin......!!


Time to burn them onto a CD....before CityBoy gets to them again......

Life is Good


  1. That was a lucky find for sure. I need to do the same with all my pictures. I've only got a years worth on mine but still I wouldn't want to loose them. I hope the rest of your day goes just as well. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. Yowouch..dangerous maneuvers on your desktop..nothing worse than losing your life into the ether!

  3. Phew. That was close. Electronics are wonderful, back up is better.

  4. Glad that you found them. I agree it's time to burn them to a cd or put them on an external drive.

  5. I'm tempted to get the Mr. his own laptop. He's always messing up my stuff. Glad you could retrieve all those photos. Good for City Guy too.

  6. YEP!!!! Restore and burn. Good thinking!
    Love the picture as always. Take care, maybe Spring is on its way. I hope so.

  7. ...doesn't your heart just drop? I am so fearful of my story getting deleted before my book goes into publishing. Even though 'THEY' have it and it's saved on a flashdrive, it just freaks me out to think of it being I know what you are feeling...
    burn that disk...

  8. Saved! I finally got an external hard drive that holds a gazillion photos.