Monday, March 28, 2011


We fought the weather and the weather won...!!
But....not until we made it home....

Left Atlanta under tornado watch and flash flood rain....
Played tag with storms all the way back home...
And now the bottom has fallen out here in the high country....
Snow with freezing rain, plus fog is happening outside my windows....

Decided that going to work is out of the question.......i can't see the roads.....and haven't seen a car since i got up.......schools are closed (even for the MaleChild) and the local DJ is saying...."stay home!!"


We had a great time in Atlanta....
Only went to three quilt shops......spent several hours at Hobby Lobby.....visited a brand new WalMart.....watched the youngest GS play baseball.....soooo cute....!!
(Totally off the diabetic diet......yes diabetic!!...just found out last Tuesday....)

And we laughed.....laughed.....laughed....!!

May go back soon for the oldest GS's Boy Scout Eagle ceremony.....but....MaleChild is graduating with his AA degree on May 17th....

We'll see!

More pictures of fabulous quilts coming !!

Life is Good

ps........the vet could not find anything wrong with Max's tail and it's on the way back up curling over his back.......sooooo...."tail droop" is still a mystery....


  1. Glad you made it back home safely. I can see why your exhausted.

  2. Wow sounds like a wonderful weekend. About the tail. Maybe with all the snow and dark days, doggy woggy has a mild case of depression!!!

  3. Hey Linda May! Glad you made it safe! I had talked to my friend Peggy yesterday in Foscoe and couldn't believe you guys were expecting a snow storm! We are mid-80s everyday and the garden and flowers are beautiful. XOXO

  4. The weather all around has been a challenge for all of us. Thank the good Lord you made it home safely. It sounds like you needed a snow day just to relax before going back to work. Glad Max is OK. I still think he was missing you. They say this snow storm will stay south of us but later in the week there is a new front moving our way that may just bring some to us then. Relax and enjoy your Monday!

  5. The weather has been awful! So glad you all had a great time & made it safely back home.

    I still wondering if the tail droop is from you going back to work.

  6. Goodness, what was it that little ground hog said?
    Sorry you are snowed in but it will give you a chance to reboot after your trip.
    Glad the tail is back to normal.

  7. Glad you won the battle and got home before the bottom fell out. Sounds terrible but glad of the tale of the tail. YOu did say it was recoiled I think.

    yeah that is great fun, you getting to see the youngest play ball. Puts a thrill in Life that is already good.

    Take care, I guess that is spring in the mountains. We should go Ground hog hunting!!!

    Love sent from up here,
    Sherry & jack

  8. Glad you are home safley and quilting is so pretty.

  9. welcome back, was a dreary, rainy, foggy, cold, weekend here.

  10. It's the freezing rain that is so scary!!

    Glad the tail is returning to normal :)

  11. i'm not totally sure quilting is cheaper than

  12. Linda,
    Isn't Hobby Lobby the greatest? We had one in Ohio and I loved that place...It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Hurray for you!
    Yes, it is cold once here again and I DO NOT LIKE IT!!! NOT ONE LITTLE BIT!
    ...makes me grouchy!