Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hi Ho......Hi Ho.....It's Back to Work.....

Yep.....i'm back at my little desk in front of the big window looking out onto the main entrance of the Park....
It's a beautiful day out there....but.....cold....
Winter temps have returned to the high country..... it was tough getting up this AM..after hearing the DJ on the radio say it's a blustery 29* out there folks...!!
Isn't this a cool picture...??!!
The Malechild took it yesterday after the severe weather rushed over us heading for the big city.....
Life is Good


  1. It sounds almost as if you might be happy there at work today. It's cold here but then we never got the warm up that you did. Have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. Enjoy your first day! Nice picture.

  3. Glad to know someone is at work, I feel so much better ('specially since it ain't me!)

    But I understand the cold, our water has been frozen most of the time we have been up here. I think I will just quit trying to thaw it.

    I know you enjoy your job, it is wonderful to be that way.
    Take care
    From the Frozen two

  4. Wow, that really is a cool picture...enjoy your evening!

  5. That is a beautiful picture! Hope your day went well.
    It was cold here today in Nova Scotia with the wind making it more cold!

  6. Yes, we got that big storm ....lots of rain, thunder and lightening. But no outages in Rock Hill. It is pretty in it's own way.