Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hale....Hale..... the MaleChild and i sat wasting away the afternoon watching old movies.....
The local weather conditions got together and decided to throw a party......

All those little white spots on the ground and falling from the sky are.....

Hale.........Mama Mia......Hale....

It started as a pelting sound on the roof and quickly grew to....

"The Sky is Falling..!!" level....

It lasted about 20 minutes....

The Male Child quickly moved his truck inside the garage and then ran up the stairs for the camera.....

We only got the marble size......south of us got tornado's and baseball size hale....

Never a dull moment up here in the high country....


Life is Good


  1. Spring does bring us a grand mixture for sure. At least we are no longer freezing and I'm so thankful for that.I wouldn't say you wasted your Saturday at all. Sometimes doing nothing much is just the thing we need. I hope your Sunday is a good one.

  2. I love weather. Except unending rain, which is what we in the Pacific Northwest get from November to about May. Hail and snow and "sun breaks" are all good.

  3. Gosh that was some big Hail stones you got ~ glad you were indoors and sheltered from the storm ~ Ally x

  4. Glad the hail was not large enough to do any damage. Helen

  5. We had it bad last week. The west of us got it much worse. My daughters mom-in-laws driveway and yard was struck by a tornado. Completely missed the house! My daughter just set up my grandsons wooden fort/swing set for the grands to use's in pieces now. I'm happy to hear yours was mild.

  6. Phew! I'm glad that you didn't get the big stuff. You've gotten some really wicked weather there in the last few months. Here's wishing you a beautiful, and peaceful Spring from now on.

  7. Yep, that's hail all right! Did you get any damage?

  8. Yikes, that sure is rough on new growth. We are due for some bad storms tonight. Spring certainly isn't boring.

  9. I saw where the weather was a little testy up your way! We had warnings north of here (t-storm only) but it passed right by! Take care.

  10. Well things are going to hale!

    Hail to the queen of the Mountains, Y'all got your sahre 20 minutes, that is a long time to dodge that stuff.

    Take care and hope you have clear sunny skys this coming week, hope the same down in the flat lands.
    LOVE from the piedmont, Sherry & Jack

  11. OOOOOO looks like the same hail we had on Sunday...